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A New Beginning $8.95
Includes Shipping and Handling
Item# 1213PZ055
This CD is Dedicated to Junior Bennett. His special talent with the fiddle was a major contribution to the quality of the music on this CD. He will be surely missed by all.

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This "Classic Country" CD features Pat's top country hits such as "Pick Me Up on Your Way Down" and "Swingin' Doors".

1 Who Turned Off the Juke Box
2 The Key's In The Mailbox
3 Swingin Doors
4 Is it the Wind
5 You Can't Stop My Heart from Loving You
6 Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
7 You Don't Know Me
8 She's Having a Very Blue Day
9 Lonesome 77203
10 Can't Help Falling in Love with You

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